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Your pool needs maintenance. You have one of two choices:

(1) You could do your own pool maintenance if desired. You could purchase all the needed chemicals, and then guess which one the water needed. You could also buy a test strip kit to help. But the test strips can be highly inaccurate and will lose their accuracy over time. Plus, not maintaining properly balanced pool water contributes to pool problems in future years that could have been avoided. It is easy to become a casualty of these problems simply due to over or under adding chemicals to your pool.

- or the better way -

(2) Hiring a professional takes the guess work out of the equation. For only $70 a month, we maintain your pool while you just enjoy using it. All necessary chemicals are included in this price. We brush and net the pool, clean the water line tile, clean out the skimmer and strainer baskets, visibly check all pool equipment, and clean the filter every other week. We also vacuum as needed. If any pump repairs are needed, we can do that too for an additional charge. In the end, hiring a professional helps prolong the life of the swimming pool and equipment, and will add years to your family fun.

Checkout Our Other Specialized Services:

  • Pressure washing pool decks, cages
     and patio furniture: Most between $100-$125
  • Resealing & restaining pool decks
  • Pump & Motor Repair
  • Stain Removal and Acid Washing
  • Pool water cold? Let us install a heater for you!
     Call for more information.

Models C900 & C1200
Acid Wash

Restore your pool for a fraction of the price of resurfacing
Clean & Clear
Models 100 & 150

Q: What do you charge for Pool Service?
A: $70 per month.

Q: How often do you service?
A: Once a week.

Q: What weekly service do you provide?
A: Chemical check and water balanced, skimmer basket cleaned, sides brushed and vacuuming as needed, filter cleaned regularly.

Q: Are there hidden costs like paying extra for chemicals as other companies do?
A: Absolutely NOT. Our price includes all chemicals. If any pump or equipment repairs are needed, that of course would be an additional expense.

Q: Do you require contracts?
A: We do not hold our customers to contracts.

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